In 2015 we started as a promotional company, whose business plan was the winner in an entrepreneurship contest. Thus having the opportunity to present our idea to the CEO & Chairman of Gallup® Jim Clifton, who proposed to become an advertising agency. We did not know what an advertising agency did nor did we believe that it was possible to make money. We started working for free and achieving business alliances to gain experience in the world of advertising. Today we have become a full service advertising agency with a global reach. Maintaining that entrepreneurial spirit that has brought us to where we are today.


Jim Clifton

Jim Clifton

Founding Partner

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Jim Clifton has served as CEO of Gallup, a leading global public opinion research and consulting company with 30 offices in 20 different countries and regions. Mr. Clifton is the author of The Coming Jobs War and co-author of Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder, and It's the manager. He serves on several Boards of Directors and is Director of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

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Leonardo Juárez

Founding Partner & CEO

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Bachelor IN Marketing and winner of the Young Entrepreneurs contest at CDMX 2.0, he was appointed Ambassador of Entrepreneurship at Mexico City and is currently Vice President of Communication for the Young Entrepreneurs Commission COPARMEX Mexico City. Being just 21 years old, he has proven that there is no age for quality work and professionalism, working with great companies. .


Leonardo travels to Washington D.C. to present his business idea to Gallup® Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton

In 2015 Leonardo is identified by Gallup® as one of the most talented young entrepreneurs in Mexico City, finishing in 3rd place out of 15,000 participants.


Leonardo is appointed Ambassador of Entrepreneurship of Mexico City by the Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO)

Jim Clifton travels to Mexico City and decides to invest in Leonardo to open an advertising agency.

DaftonMedia® is born.


In 2016 Jim Clifton and Leonardo visited one of the largest advertising agencies in the United States: GSD&M to learn how to open an advertising agency.

DaftonMedia® works with the first paying client: Cuernavaca Harley-Davidson®, laying the foundation for the future of DaftonMedia®