Work as if you had all the time of the world

Have you ever felt pressured to be successful as soon as possible? Like when you’re starting a business or a project you feel you’re running out of time because someone else is trying to achieve the same thing as you and you’re in a race to find out who wins all the fame and fortune. I’ve felt like that many times, whenever I have an idea I try to execute it as fast as I can, but in my desire to concrete my idea within days, I´m actually slowing the process because instead of focusing on the idea itself I´m more concerned about time. And the fact that I’m always thinking “I have to do this, I’m so slow, hurry up” isn´t helpful when I’m trying to think how to concrete my idea. 

What I´ve learned is that if you stop worrying about time and start working with your project, the outcome will be much better. Ed Catmul, Pixar´s CEO, wrote in his book that he had to deal with this a lot of times, when he had to deliver a new story for a movie. How do you create a story from scratch that is interesting within months or weeks? Definitely creative companies are really difficult. So he said that in order to present a good story he worked as if he had all the time of the world, this took away all pressures and allowed him to focus. 

From now on don’t worry and just do, it seems that time isn’t enough these days, with so many distractions, opportunities and things to be done. But don’t worry, eventually you’ll have everything done before you even notice. 

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