When is the right time to start being an entrepreneur?

"Somehow you´ll escape all that waiting and staying. You´ll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing"
-Dr. Seuss, Oh! The places you´ll go!

To start a business you dont need to have a certain age. There are entrepreneurs seen as very young or very old. The key lies in knowing that entrepreneurship is what you really want to do with your time. Since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I used to do small businesses that in my opinion would help me on my way to entrepreneurship. I started selling candy in elementary school, then in junior high school I studied administration and accounting on my own, I went to financial education and entrepreneurship courses. In high school I applied my knowledge helping in my dad's company and finally I opened a company called Warriors & Fit with my classmates, which resulted in a sale of 5k USD (not bad for high school). Now I have an ad agency called DaftonMedia®. with my partner, Gallup´s CEO, Jim Clifton.

Many friends and people I know tell me that I shouldnt miss my youth and that I should be doing things more appropriate to my age. I spend a lot of time thinking that I dont want to miss a stage in my life where I can experiment, meet people, have friends and hang out. However, I believe that everything requires a sacrifice; The truth is that I am very happy because I am living my dream: being an entrepreneur. Maybe if it wasn´t my dream I would spend another 3 years of my life (or more) doing as many things as I could in order to find out. But it's different, I went to high school already knowing administration and accounting (I was and I´m not a genius in those subjects, but I did not required a high level in high school) while the others were going to learn those subjects. And it wasn´t because I liked tu study, but because I wanted so much to be an entrepreneur, that I could not wait to get into high school to learn.    I guess when you feel that is because you really know what you like, just listen to your heart and start. It does not matter if you are 15 or 34 years old and you do not know what you want to be or achieve. When the time comes you will know it and it will be time to start doing, dont be afraid of what you leave behind. Remember that we can do many things, but not all of them will make us happy.

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