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Updated: May 26, 2020

Gallup® developed a test to identify your unique builder talent profile and what kind of builder you are. That report reveals your dominant builder talents, identify whether you are a Rainmaker, Conductor or Expert and give you actionable items for applying your talents. According to Gallup® there are 10 talents that successful builders have, and only 3% of the world's population have all of them.

In 2015 Gallup® partnered with the mexican government to assess 15,000 high school students from public schools. Out of those 15,000 students, only 60 got the 10 entrepreneurial talents, which represented 4% of the students that were tested. Right after the assessment, the 60 talented students had to present a business plan to their schools. Then, the schools' authorities would choose the 6 best projects to send them to Gallup® for the final score. Leonardo won the 3rd place with his project "Warriors&Fit", a promotional material company.

Leonardo BP10
Leonardo's Assessment Results


Mexico Sitting on Untapped Entrepreneurial Talent

By Emily Massel, Director of community Development at Gallup®

"Now that I know I have this talent to be an entrepreneur, it is my duty to my country and the world to make a change and create jobs for others," Leonardo Gonzalez from CECyT 14 high school told Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton. "And I won't stop until I do."



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