Marketing for Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Working with clients that sell industrial machinery & equipment have taught us that industrial marketing is not consumer marketing. We've spent more than $20,000 USD on marketing campaigns in different channels and managed to sell more than $300,000 USD of machinery & equipment in less than a year. We had to experiment, fail and analyze our results in order to succeed. We started with a pretty standard approach towards industrial marketing, but then we didn't generated enough leads so we decided to broaden our strategy, generating more leads but with no quality at all. Now that we've understood how to run industrial campaigns, we're sharing our findings with you so you can use our experience for your marketing campaigns.

Tips for your industrial campaigns

  1. Specs: we usually put a lot of attention on the design, trying to make the copy shorter and using the right format. But let me tell you that people who buy specialized equipment don't care about any of those things, the only thing they care about is the description; they want to know brand, model, year, dimensions and functionality. They already know how these machines look like and what they're looking for, so your ads must contain the information that will allow them to know if your machines fulfill the requirements they're looking for. Don't be afraid to add text on the ad, make sure to add all the specs, no matter how long. Believe me, this specific audience will read every sentence.

  2. When mapping out your customer journey, always send people to the page of the product you're promoting, don't send them to a contact form or to a general landing page. They'll want to know more about the machine they saw and if they're interested, they'll find a way to contact you or purchase it directly from the website.

  3. Audiovisual material: Videos and pictures are important, your audience will want to see the machines working properly, so make sure to have those videos visible on your web.

  4. Keywords: when working with google, you can add the competition brands and models in order to reach a different audience from yours.

  5. Audience: be very specific, you need to undestand exactly who your buyer personna is. Target your audience mainly on job positions and geographically (in case you aren't able to sell countrywide). If your audience is too narrow, then try targeting by interests and then filtering by Job Positions, Industry and Employers.

  6. Channels: make sure to choose the righ channels for your campaigns. In our experience, Google Ads is a must, you'll be able to use very speciffic words for people to find your industrial machinery & equipment online. If your keywords have low searches, try using synonyms or different match types. Facebook has brought us great results, but there are some industries that are very speciffic like when we had to sell oil drilling pipes, we used LinkedIn to generate leads.

  7. Mailing: mailing is a great marketing channel that will help you communicate effectively and generate leads. Try building your database or buy industrial databases online or from associations that are related to the industry you're in.

You'll have to adapt this information to your own needs, but at least you're not starting from zero. Remember that your main goal is not to generate thousands of leads, but to generate the leads that will end up buying from you. Online marketing is all about optimization, keep improving your ads every day with better keywords, segmentation and copywriting.

Thanks for reading, if you want DaftonMedia to help you with your marketing campaigns and strategy, send us an email to

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