Can we change the world?

When I was a kid my goal was to change the world and make it better, end with poverty, with wars and with racism. I thought that by working hard anything was possible. Now that I’ve grown up I still believe that anything is possible, but not everything is in my hands. I tried to find a solution to really big problems, I started reading and investigating the issues I was interested to solve. But after 5 years of hard work, what I realized is that the solution is in ourselves. Let me explain it.

The way to end corruption is to stop being corrupt. The way to end with poverty is if people that earn way more than they need start giving to those who don’t earn enough to live. The only way to end with starvation is if those who produce more (actually we produce 40% more food than we need, that ends up in the trash) start feeding those who don’t have anything to eat. The way to end with racism is to stop being racists.

¿How are we going to convince a grown up man that women should be treated as equals?, ¿how we convince him that corruption is bad, if he’s been corrupt his whole life?. The answer: we don’t. We’ll never convince a man to stop thinking in a certain way that has been useful or that was taught to him years ago. Grown ups aren’t likely to change, change is difficult. I can’t even change my eating habits.

What we can do is that we can influence on those who are still young, who will be in power one day. If we, as society, teach our kids to argue instead of fight, that women are equal to men, that we all gonna die someday and that in the end it didn’t really mattered who earned more, who is better than who, who is happier than who. That what is really important in the end is who made you happy and who you made happy. That there is no Mexican, African, Indian, but only HUMANS. If we can transmit this message to younger generations I’m sure that this world will change for the better.

¿How will parents teach this to kids if sometimes they don’t even share those ideas?

Here relies the importance of non gubernamental organizations and influencers. If you have the chance to influence young kids, do it for the better.

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