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   Hi, I´m Leonardo Juárez and this is my story. In 19 years I´ve made amazing things, thanks to incredible opportunities and to my amazing parents. Thank you for all your support and unconditional love...

   In 2004 I started my career as an actor in a soap opera called "Amarte así frijolito", playing the character of Toñito. It was produced by Telemundo and distributed in different countries such as Spain, Colombia, United States, Brasil, etc. It was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I worked with different actors such as Edgar Vivar, Litzy, Diego Olivera, etc. Some countries translated the soap opera, so if you search in YouTube maybe you´ll find it in English. When I came back to Mexico I continued acting in a TV chain called TV Azteca, doing different tv shows, commercials and music videos. 

   In 2016 I won a contest called Jóvenes Emprendiendo en la CDMX 2.0, being the 3rd place of 15 thousand participants for having an exceptional entrepreneurial talent.  Then, I had the opportunity to pitch my business idea to Gallup´s CEO, Jim Clifton in Washington D.C. I was named "Ambassador of Entrepreneurship" in Mexico City, and I´ve attended different entrepreneurial events and meetings with the government, schools and companies. 

   In 2017, Gallup´s CEO, Jim Clifton, took me along with my advisor Gerardo Aranda to Austin, TX. where I had the opportunity to speak with Roy Spence and Judy Trabulsi, founders of GSD&M®, one of the biggest ad agencies in the United States. After the trip I spent the rest of the year working on my own ad agency called DaftonMedia®. Having Jim Clifton as my business partner.